The Quarterly was initiated in the year 1979 and is currently in its 35th year of publication. Several well-known scholars and academicians from India and other countries have contributed to the Quarterly’s proceedings. The Quarterly has published various issues, including special issues, on a variety of contemporary and topical themes ... Technology and Development, Work Opportunities for All, Managing India's Economy: The Short-term and the Long-term, Agriculture and Rural Change : The Next Decade, Professor D.R. Gadgil (1901-2001) Centenary Issue etc.

During the year 2016-17, the Quarterly carried a special issue (Vol. 35 Nos.1 & 2) on Urbanisation in India: Emerging Issues. The guest editor for the special issue was Professor Amitabh Kundu. Senior academics like Professor Om Prakash Mathur, Professor S. R. Hashim, and Late Professor Sharit K. Bhowmik contributed to this issue of the journal. The volume covers a range of aspects related to urbanization in India, such as, inequalities, regional development, urbanization, regional analysis of development, and urban public space. This volume largely comprises revised versions of the papers presented at the Hyderabad Conference. This issue is available for download here.

Other Special Issues

  • Technology and Development (Vol.8 No.4, January 1990)
  • Work Opportunities for All (Vol.9, July-December 1990, Nos. 1 & 2)
  • Perspectives of Agriculture and the Rural Sector (Vol.9, January-March 1991, No.3)
  • The Co-operative Sector (Vol.9,April-June,1991, No.4)
  • Integrating Rural and Urban Development (10, July-September & October-December 1991 No.1 & 2)
  • Land Reform and Rural Change (Vol.10,January-June 1992 Nos.3 & 4)
  • Managing India’s Economy : The Short-term and the Long-term (Vol.11, July September 1992 No.1)
  • Population, Community Health and Family Planning(Vol.11,October-December 1992, No.2)
  • Aspects of Urban Environment (Vol.11, January-June 1993, Nos.3 & 4)
  • Vision at Independence. Reflections and Observations on The Report of the Economic Programme Committee (1948) (Vol.12,July-December 1993,Nos.1 & 2)
  • Challenge and Opportunity in the North-east. Bridging the Gulf (Vol.12,January-June 1994, Nos. 3&4)
  • Social Science Research and Problem of Inequality – Malcolm S.Adiseshiah (1910-1994), Vol.13 July-December 1994 Nos. 1 & 2).
  • Health Care for the Individuals and the Community. Reaching the Underprivileged (Vol.14, July-December 1995, Nos. 1 & 2)
  • Fifty Years from Independence. Some Recent Lessons and Policies for the Urgent Future Reflections of Social Scientists, Scientists and Constructive Workers (Vol.16, July-September 1997, No.1)
  • Population Research and Population Policy( Vol.16, January-June 1998, Nos.3 & 4).
  • Agriculture and Rural Change : The Next Decade (Vol.17, April-June 1999, No.4)
  • Professor D.R.Gadgil (1901-2001) Centenary Issue (Vol.18,April-June 2000, No.4)
  • Research in Social Science Areas: Issues of Measurement Standards and Techniques (Vol.21, October-December,2002 No.2)
  • Changing Social Institutions and Their Impact on the Quality of Life (Vol.21,January-June 2003,Nos.3 & 4)
  • Special Issue in Memory of the Late Shri Tarlok Singh -Poverty: Issues related to Measurement and Search for Cause (Vol.25, July-September,2006, No.1)
  • Special Issue in Memory of the Late Shri Tarlok Singh – Approach to Ending Poverty and Deprivation (Vol.24, January-March 2006, No.3).
  • Special Issue in Memory of the Late Shri Tarlok Singh - Dimensions of Poverty Concern (Vol.24, April-June 2006, No.4).
  • Special Conference issue, Mumbai, (Vol.30,Nos. 3 & 4, July-December 2011)
  • Special Issue – Selected Conference papers of Madras School of Economics (Vol.29,July-December 2010, Nos.3&4).

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