Our Origin

The Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI) is a federal formation of academic bodies involved in teaching of social science subjects and researches in society-related areas. Till now, the Association has 309 member-institutions of which 248 are permanent members. Among the members 143 are universities, 134 research institutions, 14 national academic associations and 18 agencies and institutions under Central and State Government and Public Authorities. The current chairman of the association is Professor Sachin Chaturvedi is currently Director General, Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), New Delhi and the Member-Secretary is Professor Ishwar Chandra Awasthi, Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI), New Delhi. The Association conducts activities like annual conferences, lectures and publishes a multi-disciplinary journal to facilitate its key objectives.

The major contribution of the Association is the publication of its in-house quarterly peer-reviewed journal IASSI Quarterly: Contributions to Indian Social Science, and the IASSI Annual Conference where the leading social science thinkers and policy makers convene and interact.

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